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A clairvoyant reading is a psychic reading which reflects on your aura, spiritual energy, and chakras to unveil your past, present, and future.  It is a very detailed and specific reading.  It can predict up to 15 years into your future and back as far as 5 years into your past.  It is very detailed into your love life.  My angelic vortex allows me to do this reading by phone as accurately as I can in my office.

You can also find out about your:

  • Career
  • Friends & Family
  • Health
  • Dreams
  • Children
  • Finances
  Clairvoyant Reading may be done in person or by phone.  
  Price: $90

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Include your phone number under "Comments" so I can call you for your reading or let me know if you would like your reading done in person. You can call me at 765-543-6020. - Thanks, Vivian